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Rocket Science Book Launch at Eastercon


Previously I'd written about my sale of "The New Tenant" to Ian Sales' Rocket Science anthology (DW).

Now the details are set for the book launch at Eastercon (London) on Sunday 8 April 2012. Alas, as I was just telling someone else on Dreamwidth, as I am in the middle, or end, of the semester, I cannot jump the pond and attend Eastercon, even though it's being held at Heathrow. But... if you happen to be in the U.K., you could drop by. And with the launch at Eastercon, information about ordering Rocket Science for your very own should be coming Real Soon Now.

I've also been negligent about keeping up with the Rocket Science blog, so missed the appearance on March 8th of my brief Introducing the Authors: Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon piece. But you can take the plunge and check the links and get all the teaser information about the forthcoming book.

Dr. Phil
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