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Oh Come On, All The COOL Kids Are Doing It

Just Jump Off The Bridge With Us!

Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade Now.

Switch to the new look.
Gmail's old look is going away. You may want to switch to the new look now.

Facebook is converting to Timeline. You might want to do it now. Now, dammit. We're Facebook. We're telling you TO SWITCH NOW!!! What's WRONG with you?


No. The answer is no. Just because you're redesigning your system, does not make me want to upgrade early. Especially as 90% of what I'm hearing is gripes and complaints. And Gmail and Facebook have been dragging on this conversion for months. Which suggests to me that you know that it has problems, so just leave me alone.


Lately both Facebook and the university's email have taken to clumping posts together -- like clumping cat litter. Anything that looks like it might be related -- put it together.

Why in the world would you MIX up my email conversations with TWO different students, just because they have the same subject line? I have to be very careful about who I am replying to. It's a mess.


Frankly, I just don't think some of the programmers actually USE their systems, because some of these "improvements" make zero sense. I mean, by their logic, when we integrate all video and photos and postings, then Facebook will group together all the status updates by people wearing blue shirts today into one clump, and the green shirts in another.

Color me Still Unappy That You're Making Your Problems My Problems.

Dr. Phil
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