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First Review In -- Ugh

Anticipation Met With Defeat

I was looking forward to Lois Tilton's review of my story "End Run on GigaNotoSaurus (DW), especially as she had been hoping for some longer stories from them.

Alas, the review at LocusOnline
Green Ensign Darlene Charles reports aboard he [sic] new assignment, meets every single officer and member of the crew and learns every single rope, in an appallingly prolonged and dull narrative. If this were the opening chapter of a novel – which I have my suspicions it might be – the length might be excusable. Not the dullness. And when the expected Crisis finally arrives, instead of our heroine’s competence, what readers are more likely to see are the dominoes so carefully set up by the author falling clickety into place without ruffling our composure by any narrative tension.

Ah, well. Can't please everyone. Won't argue reviews. (But the story is what it is -- not an excerpt of anything or (yet) stretched into a longer work.)

I suspect that one can set up things too well for some sensibilities.

Dr. Phil

PS -- I do have a whole crew list. You don't meet the WHOLE crew. I just have an annoying habit of believing that a ship has a crew and the protagonist will interact with more than three characters in carrying out their duties and... Oh just shut up, Dr. Phil -- you're not arguing! (grin)
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