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The State of the Author 2011

How'd It Get To Be Past The Ides Of April Already?

TurboTax Deluxe says that the Feds have accepted our e-filed return, so our refund will eventually come. (Michigan wants everyone to e-file, too, but since this costs something like $19.95 versus the cost of two stamps, you can see where I'm going with this one.) That means it's time for this year's version of How My Writing Business Is Doing (DW).

The good news is that once again, the business made a profit. $208.87, up another $16 from 2010. Two paid sales, one charity freebie publication and one sale which will count as paid in 2012. To my surprise, the movie option on "The Brother on the Shelf" (Analog May 2009) (DW) was renewed. And I've already had three publications and two paydays in 2012, so I hope the trend can continue.

"Hail to the Victors" published at Abyss & Apex (DW) was the lone new story published in 2011. And my Week 5 story from the 2004 Clarion workshop "Giant Cicadas and Other Odd Indignities" was reprinted in Southern Fried Weirdness: Reconstruction (DW) in May 2011 for Alabama disaster relief.

I had 132 submissions in 2012 -- 123 of them electronic submissions, meaning only nine required printing, postage and envelopes, mostly to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, the last holdout amongst the Big Three SF markets. So most of my expenses have been webhosting and ConFusion. Though I've been terribly busy with two classes this semester, including a new one for me, I expect to get a lot of writing and submitting done this summer. And hope to make 2012 another banner year for the business. (grin)

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