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A New Sale!

Another Canadian Publication

Got word yesterday that Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine is buying my short story "The Once and Future Tomato". I signed the contract and sent it back forthwith. You might not have heard of this Canadian print magazine, but Neo-opsis has been around since 2003.

I like all my stories -- funny that -- but "The Once and Future Tomato" is a favorite, in part because of the ending, but also because it includes the recipe for Dr. Phil's Tomato Sandwich (DW). (grin)

We'll let you know when it goes into print.

Other Updates

Remember that my Friends of the Merril winner (DW) is only available for 90 days.

And the Rocket Science anthology:
Unfortunately, it seems demand for Rocket Science has outstripped supply. We sold almost the entire first print run at Eastercon, and what was left was sold at alt.fiction the following weekend. That’s the print run sold out in a week. We did order a second print run immediately after the Eastercon, but it has yet to arrive.

Alas, the Mutation Press website seems to be down at the moment, but here's the URL for the Rocket Science blog. I'll get you the order information when I can.

Dr. Phil
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