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It's Grade-a-Thon Spring 2012 Edition

All finals and make-up exams given. Wading through a couple hundred science literacy book reports. So this will be short.

Busy, which is why I haven't posted much.

Gas dropped to $3.75.9/gal midweek, jumped back up another fourteen cents by weekend.

Temp varying -- did we escape our chance of a snow flurry today yet? In the mid 70s once May starts.

Speaking of May, my May 2012 issue of Locus came today. No fair! It's early -- it usually comes on the first -- and I don't have time to look at it until after noon on Tuesday when grades are all done!

Emails from students have jumped tenfold this semester and a lot of the requests are, to put it bluntly, unreasonable and/or unrealistic. Eeek.

And I'm missing Penguicon.

Dr. Phil
Tags: classes, gas prices, grades, penguicon, wmu
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