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May The First

It's Grading Day -- I had to get my grades in by noon. Actually I got them in by 11:20am, hardly even close. (grin)

But first I had to get up early and drive Mrs. Dr. Phil to the GVSU Holland center to meet up with five other people, part of an annual expedition to Nicaragua as a part of GVSU's Applied Global Innovation Initiative. She'll be serving as a volunteer, along with her stepmother Pat, in a program led by two faculty (Engineering, Business-Marketing) and GVSU students for UNAN students and faculty in Esteli.

This group will travel together out of Chicago's O'Hare -- where they'll meet up with Pat -- and as I write this I know they got as far as their layover in Atlanta. (grin)

8:30 in the morning, Mrs. Dr. Phil in her great new hat at the left.
Six people, five seats, rented minivan, and gear for the program and nearly three weeks.
(Click on photo for larger.)

This goes here and this goes here -- and this one from the project will count as this person's second checked bag... (Click on photo for larger.)

And it all fits! (Click on photo for larger.)

The adventure begins here. I'll get Mrs. Dr. Phil to provide captions for everyone later. (Click on photo for larger.)

All loaded... (Click on photo for larger.)

...and the doors are closing... (Click on photo for larger.)

...the trip to Nicaragua departs the GVSU Holland campus. (Click on photo for larger.)

I'm not going to Nicaragua -- darn it, Mrs. Dr. Phil gets to add one more country to her passport that I don't have. Partly it's that there's no way I could have handled Finals and Grading Weeks with packing for heading south to 12° N latitude. And I haven't flown anywhere since I hurt my leg nerve which is slowly regrowing. And I'm not really built for the weather at 12° N latitude -- it's going to be humid and in the 80s here in West Michigan for a couple of days this week and that will be brutal enough. The weather down there was raining and 95°F.

After grades were sent in, I kept it pretty light for the rest of the day. It's been a LOT of reading the last week and my little eyes are tired. Tomorrow? Time to start working on the summer writing projects!

Dr. Phil
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