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Working Hard

The beginning of the semester is always a time of rushing around to get the paperwork ready. That and establishing a rapport with 140 of my new closest friends. (grin)

Right now my second section is taking a pre-test -- to see how much of this Physics stuff they already know. We'll snag them again at the end of the semester and see if that knowledge base has changed. (double-grin)

Things Are Busting Up All Over

It's practically Spring, what with blue sky, sun and temps soaring to near 50degF. Alas, change happens at its own pace, so with rain and damp left over from yesterday evening, the early chill produced greasy slick ice on the back roads and a shortcut I often take on sunny days turned out to be not so shortcut today -- though I didn't have any problems staying on track, and the nice people with flashing lights were dealing with those who hadn't.

The DOW is up over 11,000 -- or it was last I checked. First time since June 2001. Last summer it seemed that everytime I heard a report on the DOW it was dropping several hundred points on some unpleasant news, except it must've been creeping up on other days because it was always 10,400 plus/minus 200 points. And with the hearings on a new Supreme Court justice and the whole scandal about lobbyists, you'd think the end of the year news doldrums would be over.

Alas, no. Angelina Jolie is BIG news, I guess.


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