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Hardly Elementary, My Dear Watson

Holmes At Large

Ah, Sherlock Holmes. While in grad school, I had a one-volume complete set of all of the real Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and read them all during lunch one summer. Basil Rathbone. Jeremy Brett. Robert Downey, Jr. (DW)

I love them all.

Sherlock 2.2

It's the first Sunday in May 2012 and that means that PBS' Masterpiece Mystery starts showing the second season of the marvelous Sherlock with "A Scandal in Belgravia". One of the things I love about the BBC 21st century reboot of Holmes is how they don't feel obligated to do exactly the same thing, but to re-imagine it as needed. Watson blogs. Cars and planes figure in prominently. Holmes is glued to his cellphone.

But of course some things stay the same. If you have Holmes and Watson and the older smarter brother Mycroft, why then you have to have Irene Adler. The Woman. Is this the love of his life? Or just his favorite challenge? Who knows?

This Irene Adler is, presumably among other talents, a dominatrix. Knowing that Holmes is coming to see her, she takes care to prepare herself -- and shows up naked. We can see that Holmes is stumped -- the hypertext clue system turns up just "????". He can immediately get a number of clues off of Watson, but nothing from Adler.

Watching Irene and Sherlock sparring is totally brilliant.

This may be my favorite episode to date. There are so many mysteries, large and small, which at first blush have no connection to each other, but are so expertly woven together that it almost hurts. And the very last bit in Pakistan... ah-hhh.

My mother commented that this Holmes is gorgeous, whereas Holmes is usually not. Perhaps, but it is of no interest to Holmes and he wears it to no advantage.

Mrs. Dr. Phil was annoyed to find that she would be in Nicaragua when Sherlock restarted. I did tape it. You're welcome.

They cannot do enough episodes of this show. But we'll take what few they offer. And Benedict Cumberbatch? He's Smaug in The Hobbit and Khan in the next Star Trek reboot movie, just to mention two upcoming roles. And on NPR, he revealed nothing about the latter.

Elementarially brilliant. (grin)

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