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Sam's Last Gift

Starting Up

When Sam The Dark Wonder cat was diagnosed with diabetes in October 2009, of course we didn't know how it would go. But someone had brought back a partial unit of insulin syringes -- they come 100 to a package which includes a hazardous sharps disposal container -- and the wonderful folks at Allendale Animal Hospital passed it on to us. At first he got two shots a day, but diabetes in cats isn't the same as diabetes in people, and eventually we got him stabilized on a single small shot in the morning after breakfast. The insulin was like rocket fuel, working wonders on Sammy for 2½ years.

And we must've ended up with 60-80 syringes in that first partial unit.

Settling Up

So the other day we got the last statement from the vet's office for last month. (DW) And today I swung by and settled up.

On the way, I bagged up some of our remaining supplies. The last vial of insulin can't be reused, so it'll get tossed. But I had a full container of spent sharps for recycling and most of a new container of syringes. Plus most of a case of cans of Science Diet w/d diabetic cat food.

So I dropped that off, too, for the next cat who suddenly turns diabetic and its owners who have to take care of them. I took a picture of Sam's gift, along with Eileen who runs the vet's office. Actually, Eileen was also the practice cat in October 2009 -- I gave her a shot of saline to learn how to give Sam his shot. (grin) I did it very well. (double-grin) And Sam almost never objected during all those hundreds of shots I gave him. (extra-special-grin)

Some number of insulin syringes and 17 cans of feline Science Diet w/d -- while Eileen glares slightly on the third picture. (Click on photo for larger.)

And paying it forward.

Dr. Phil
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