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Leaving A Sour Taste In An Otherwise Enjoyable Experience

When we first saw the trailer for The Pirates! Band of Misfits in 3D, I really laughed out loud -- it was the funniest trailer I've seen in years.

Of course when I was setting up for this blog entry, I found out that this movie was released everywhere except North America and Australia as The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. Great. Can't make it marketable with a nation toying with Science Ignorance by appealing to "an Adventure with Scientists". Grr. Snarl. ANNOYED.

I mean, when the first Harry Potter was retitled for the U.S., it was thought that Americans wouldn't know what a philosophers stone was -- or maybe Philosophy is perceived as a big enough turnoff as Scientists. Sigh.

Am I overreacting? Perhaps. But come on, guys, grow up!

8:45pm, around sunset but it is much brighter to the east, than the west. 9:05pm, dark with a big rippling peal of thunder. Guess that 20% chance is going to be upgraded due to reality. (grin) 9:12pm, power momentarily out. Not long enough for the generator, of course. Heavy rain followed. Quiet now.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits [PG]
Holland 7 Theatre #3, 5:15pm, 1×$6.75

The geniuses at Aardman, makers of those most excellent Chicken Run and Wallace & Gromit, have done it again. With poultry, even. Literally, figuratively and with costumes. These films take forever to make, what with their stop motion work. But you really need to see it on the big screen. It's all eye candy.

I had to pick up some stuff at Office Max, so Holland 7 was more convenient. But that meant only 2D, though based on the trailer, the 3D should be spectacular. And enjoy the tons of throwaway side details -- I swear every gag shows up at least twice and figures in the plot -- and the backgrounds to the credits are well done, too. Stay for them.

The plot is, well, it's insane of course. Pirate Captain is trying to win Pirate of the Year. Think Pirates of the Caribbean, but really funny. Oh, and given the long lead time to make this film, I wouldn't think too much of any similarities with the fourth POTC movie. (grin) Speaking of poultry, in all the musical numbers and running jokes, there's one reminiscent of a Robot Chicken routine -- What's Best About Being A Pirate. And it isn't the loot. (big-hammy-grin)

The pirate captain Pirate Captain is voiced by Hugh Grant and the Doctor, er, Charles Darwin, by David Tennant. QV I, whose motto is "I Hate Pirates", is Imelda Stauton, another veteran of Sense & Sensibility with Grant. Ah, nothing like a little class to the operation, though poor Old Vic does not get a fair shake here.

Did I laugh out loud like I did with the trailer? Not really, but that has a lot more to do with the fact that I had a private showing. (double-grin) Indeed, I note that The Pirates isn't even on the schedule any more this week. So I guess I did good in not putting off seeing this. And that makes me smile.


Trailers: Ooh, Minions! Despicable Me 2 in 2013 -- absolutely no details.

Pre-Show: They're selling toys and costumes for The Avengers. The Hulk. Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. Anyone notice what's missing from that foursome? Guess it's a No Girls Allowed club.

FYI: The Pirates! in an Adventure with Scientists by Gideon Defoe is a 2004 book, first in a series, which Wikipedia suggests isn't exactly aimed only at children. Haven't read the books, but based on the PG film, there's fun for all ages.

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