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Holy Spy Sats, Batman!

A friend of mine keeps me up to date with the clever offerings from The Register. The latest is a picture from Google Earth with a WWII vintage RAF Lancaster bomber in flight.

The Black Helicopters Are Coming... For You!

This is part of a much larger "exposé" The Register did in their Black Helicopters competition, to see what their readership could dig out of Google Earth. Sure, there were plenty of interesting pictures of military and other sensitive installations, which are cool enough, along with intriguing blacked out locations and blurs. But like the Lancaster bomber, the picture panels mated together to form Google Earth also include some interesting action pictures:

HMS Gloucester at sea...

... and a USAF B-1B bomber about to take off...

I Suppose It Had To Happen

All told there are 11 pages of Google Earth images, including some honest-to-goodness Black Helicopters, as well as nuclear submarines, the USS Cole under repairs, a U-2 and an F-14 in flight, Russian aircraft at the Calgary G8 conference, the Russian space shuttle Buran in a park and the Trinity "first atomic bomb" site. Offers whole minutes of fun.

And since life goes on while the satellites make their rounds, why wouldn't they manage to snap things in motion? I have to believe, depending on the timing and mapping, that it's possible the same ship or aircraft may appear more than once if someone was looking carefully. (double-grin) And I'd love it if someone found a picture of a rocket launch. As it is, one picture of a linear accelerator at Los Alamos, looks like "something" is going on:

Who knows how long some of these images will be "allowed" to stay up? (grin)

Dr. Phil

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