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A Childhood Disappointment

Cooking For One

... isn't a lot of fun, at least in terms of doing anything elaborate. But I've done okay during the nearly three weeks Mrs. Dr. Phil is in Nicaragua. With one real exception.

Probably ten years ago, when Mrs. Dr. Phil was off conferencing, I decided to try some childhood favorites. One was Spaghetti-Os. Every family has certain common meals and often standard brands of foods and snacks. We did Franco-American canned spaghetti, often with hot dogs, and never Chef Boyardee. As I recall, the Spaghetti-Os were fun.

This year? Not so much. Oh the sauce had the right flavor, as did the flavor and texture of the little round concentric nesting pasta-like substances. And the Beef Ball Park franks were lovely as usual. But my palate must've changed, because in two meals the Os were just blah. Plastic. Ugh.

I'll have my childhood memories. But I shan't be repeating that childhood meal ever again. (grin)

On Being Alone

The six weeks of Clarion in 2004 was tough on everyone. Some quit jobs to attend. One had just gotten married. For us it was the longest scheduled time apart since we got married twenty years earlier.

But I was lucky. Not only had I arranged to not teach during the summer, after a year of full-time teaching, so I had the time and the money. And Clarion was still in East Lansing, which was just a 90 minute drive away. So we weren't really apart for six weeks, as I chose to bop home most weekends to do laundry and Mrs. Dr. Phil drove out for the 4th of July.

This time we only have had a few emails and no phone calls. And I'm the one kicking around the empty house -- not teaching this summer -- and Mrs. Dr. Phil isn't even in the same country.

I'll be very happy to have Mrs. Dr. Phil back in a few days and hear all about her adventures.


The weather has been mostly pleasant, yet still odd. Not sure I've been able to go with more than a day or two with the heat completely shut off, with overnights in 30s and 40s. So very nice daytime temps the last two days -- low 70s. But hazy overhead. And two days of humid 80s coming? Why do I feel like we won't be able to see the sunset partial solar eclipse on Sunday?

Ah West Michigan weather versus astronomy... West Michigan wins most of the time. (wry grin)

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