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Ah, Sigh

Last night we had fresh strawberry shortcakes for dessert. Bisquick shortcakes, local strawberries, etc. There is nothing finer.

The local strawberries have been coming in for about ten days or so. There was one stand across from a gas station near K-zoo last week, but no way was I going to try to drag them around that long. No, we try to hold out for Cooks about a mile east of Eastmanville on Leonard. Really fine strawberries, lovely smelling, big, ripe, juicy -- the woman working there said that they were just about prime yesterday, so I got 3 quarts instead of 2. $10.50. Absolutely worth it.

Some families were at Cooks picking their own. Small children are perfect for strawberry picking. Old middle-aged men who can't bend over and have a bad leg? Perfect for shooting pictures out of the side windows of vehicles -- whatever did we do before power windows? (grin) (Click on photo for larger.)

Talked with an older gentleman there as well, he says that his are so good because he doesn't spray much. The woman was saying that many of the others around town were much smaller.

Did I take pictures of the strawberries? Or our strawberry shortcake before devouring last night? Nope.

As for my LJ icon with the Red Haven peaches, that may be the closest we get to any peaches this year. The guy at Cooks was saying that he'd heard from the extension agent that there were no peaches in West Michigan after that cold frost a couple of weeks ago. And that Georgia didn't get cold enough this winter for the trees to set, so their peaches are slim to none as well. We'll see.

But I'm not expecting much for Michigan peaches and apples this year. Best remind myself of how spectacular they were last year... As for fruit from the grocery store, the find of the year has to be the purple velvet apricots. Oh my gosh -- most apricots I buy are unsatisfying and mealy. These had this lovely purplish fuzzy skin and prime apricot interior juiciness -- best apricots I've had in years. They are one of a number of different kinds of apricots crossed with other varieties. I believe these are apricot and plum.

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