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I May Be A Klutz, But...

Weird that I have Band-Aids on the tips of both index fingers, but for different reasons... otherwise it looks like I got caught doing something strange.

The right finger got bit by the pop top of a Coke can. Man, that hasn't happened in a long time, but this is the season of "very dry hands" and skin will split for very dumb reasons. The left finger was attacked by a broken piece of thin wood from a twenty-year-old wastebasket -- I thought it was a piece of paper, but it didn't give like a piece of paper and sort of stuck in the end of my finger. I didn't see any splinters at the time, but noticed just now I have a slight split in the skin there and it hurts when you poke at it (so don't poke at it!).

Now I have to struggle with touch typing on a laptop (balanced on the keyboard of the office setup seen in yesterday's posting -- grin), which mostly gets the right letters but feels more awkward than it really is.

Time for class!

Dr. Phil

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