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Three Strikes Against Our Dinner

These Have Been Some Of Our Favorite Things

The loss of Los Azteca (DW) today, makes this the third of our favorite restaurants to be shut down in 2012 -- two in Allendale itself.

Back in February, I had tried to call in a pizza order to Joe Chicago's on the way home from WMU -- no answer. But since the weather was awful, I figured it might have been the phones. Then on a better night, I swung by, only to find that once again, Joe Chicago's had closed. No more Chicago stuffed pizza in Grand Rapids, dammit. And what really hurt was that the first owners had the place open for nearly two years before I found them the first time! Oh the stuffed pizzas I lost! Oh the humanity!

The second sunset on Joe Chicago's Pizza. (Click on photo for larger.)

Mixed messages in the window. (grin) (Click on photo for larger.)

Then a month ago, this sign popped up in front of Stromboli's in Allendale. Were they closed, too? Apparently so. Damn, they did fine Italian food -- we used to get pizzas there before I found Joe Chicago's, and we had one pizza from them recently -- and they delivered. Can't tell you how many times we had company and had some lasagna, manicotti, fettuccine and strombolis, plus salads delivered. And when we could get them to make it, they turned out to have the very best eggplant Parmesan anywhere.

Say it ain't so. And apparently, on the other side it doesn't -- they didn't have enough Ps, so it's THANK YOU FOR SUFFORT, I think. (Click on photo for larger.)

The sign over the front is gone. We don't know what happened. (Click on photo for larger.)


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