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That's the outside temperature right now very early Tuesday morning at 2am. (Of course it's around 72°F inside with the cool, dry AC.) We're supposed to peak around 95°F during the day. Last week we had overnight lows in the uppers 40s and 50s, even a frost warning north of us, and then a warmup all week. By Saturday we were hot and humid. Sunday -- Father's Day -- was actually very pleasant all day, high maybe 83°F.

There were scattered thunderstorms rolling through West Michigan last night and this morning -- we actually got rain both times, heavy at times. Quite a big crack of thunder right overhead around 9am. (grin)

The fields around here look good. Big sprinklers abound. I'll have to shoot the corn down by 84th and M-45 -- it's spectacular and lush -- but this shot was last Wednesday:

The shrubbery fields west of our house. On Saturday they irrigated again, but started too close to the road, so I could see the whole parabolic stream hitting the entire two lanes every time it came around. (Click on photo for larger.)

Last of the Strawberries?

Took a chance to run up to Cook's in Eastmanville again. They were only advertising U-Pick-Em, but I asked if they had two quarts picked to sell and they did. After the gorgeous and wonderful huge strawberries from two weeks ago, I was willing to take the end of the season ones, but what came out were the loveliest color and heavenly scent -- and when we ate them tonight over Arney's Bakery carrot cake, Mrs. Dr. Phil hardly had to add any sugar, they were so sweet.

Eat me! Eat me! (Click on photo for larger.)
If you are out this way, Cook's is begging people to come out and pick their fields -- they can't pick all of them. And with my bad leg, I'm not going to. But a mile east of 68th Avenue and Leonard just north of Allendale (or south of I-96 Exit 16) there's wonderful pickings to be had.

Mrs. Dr. Phil was out last week in Texas at a conference, so Sunday & Monday we worked our way through some Mediterranean/Middle Eastern take-out from La Pita, which just opened in Allendale -- at least there's some good news in the local restaurant scene.

We got lots of dishes to try and I can't even remember what all we ordered -- but it was all quite good.

Dr. Phil
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