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All In A Day's Work

Just about exactly two years ago, Mrs. Dr. Phil did a day trip to Chicago (DW) and I got a couple of train pictures out of it.

Well, Mrs. Dr. Phil had a chance to visit with her same grade school friend, and I had an opportunity to (a) shoot trains and (b) visit with a college friend -- so we jumped at it!

This time the plan was to drive to Michigan City IN, backtrack to South Haven MI, then pick up Mrs. Dr. Phil and drive home. (grin)

The morning run from Michigan City to Chicago, crossing over from the South Shore yard to the station track. (Click on photo for larger.)

Mrs. Dr. Phil boarding. Why does SHE get to ride all these trains? Oh, because I'm taking the pictures. Duh. (Click on photo for larger.)

The fairly nice and new, but low-level platform. There is a building, but the ticket machines are on the outside. It's like $8.50 each way for about a two-hour train ride to the Windy City. (Click on photo for larger.)

It took a little monkeying around in Ulead PhotoImpact, but I managed to tease Mrs. Dr. Phil out of the glare of the window as the train rolled by. (Click on photo for larger.)

And off they go. (Click on photo for larger.)

I had about 15-20 minutes before the evening train arrived. A pair of orange South Short EMD GP-38-2 diesels were switching some cars around against the late bright sun. (Click on photo for larger.)

From my platform bench seat, I noticed this large expansion gap where a switch connected to the mainline. Interesting that the gap is so large in the summer and that only two bolts are holding it in place. After peak temperatures of 104°F just the other day up in West Michigan, Sunday afternoon it was just in the 80s and there was a pleasant breeze under the brilliant sunshine. I'll use this picture when I talk about expansion joints in my Fall class... (Click on photo for larger.)

Now arriving... (Click on photo for larger.)

I just had enough time to walk back to my camera bags and swap the D1X and 70-300mm zoom for the D1 and the 12-24mm wide angle zoom. I normally use motor drives on Single frame, but in order to get the older D1 to buffer multiple images, I had preset it for Continuous, and it rattled off three shots at 4.5fps. This is the last shot, heavily backlit, and the best one. Good anticipation! (Click on photo for larger.)

Here she is! Back from a visit and a Chicago River boat architectural tour. (Click on photo for larger.)

A fun time was had by all. I had lunch at the Thirsty Perch in South Haven MI with Cole and John -- and because they had all sorts of lovely spicy offerings, dinner with Mrs. Dr. Phil at the Thirsty Perch in South Haven MI on the way home. Funny Thing 1: I had the same waitress, who was delighted to have a repeat customer on the same day. Funny Thing 2: As we exited the restaurant at about 9:45pm EDT (the Michigan City IN trains run on CDT), Mrs. Dr. Phil practically walked into someone she knew from graduate school the other year. None of us actually live in South Haven IN. (grin)

The world can be a very small place at times.

Dr. Phil
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