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Storage Wars

Adventures In Atlanta

When I cleared out my late sister Wendy's apartment in November, I also knew she'd had a storage unit dating back many years. But without the key to the lock, the access code to the gate or the authorizing paperwork from the probate court for me to settle her affairs, I couldn't do anything about the locker.

So in a scene reminiscent of many an episode of Storage Wars, today I had the lock cut and the door was raised in the first time for a long time.
We're going to cut the lock and open the door. You'll have five minutes to look, but you can't go in and you can't touch anything or open any boxes...

Wait, this isn't an auction. This is my sister's locker -- I can just walk inside.

The big reveal. (Click on photo for larger.)

Nice of Wendy to provide a corridor inside. (Click on photo for larger.)

Not sure when she was here last. After she no longer had a car, it got harder and harder to get out here. Lots of Christmas decorations. (Click on photo for larger.)

I remember that dark wood and wheat cushioned sofa, chairs and coffee table. Too big and heavy to keep hauling up to apartments -- especially the staircase in the last one. (Click on photo for larger.)

One of those boxes says it has stuff from the 1996 Olympics. Several boxes labeled as being sorted in 1998. (Click on photo for larger.)

I remember that picnic basket -- will have to see if it's in good shape inside. (Click on photo for larger.)

That white bedspread I remember from Medina in the 60s -- but I'm not bringing it home. (Click on photo for larger.)

That wooden chest? Oh, I think I know what it is. (Click on photo for larger.)

Tomorrow we dig it all out.

Dr. Phil
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