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About Last Saturday

So, after writing up the pre-lab about Wendy's storage locker (DW), the next day -- Bastille Day as it turned out -- it was time to clear it all out.

Wendy's locker was at the Attic III Storage facility in Kennesaw GA, just off I-75, about half an hour north of midtown Atlanta. In an incredible stroke of luck over planning, right next door was a mammoth U-Haul center, which as it turned out, had exactly one truck to rent when I went in on Friday. One of their cute little 10-foot boxes on the back end of a van cab. And just up the road, was a Goodwill center. Also a McDonald's just past the U-Haul place to get the guys doing the heavy lifting some lunch. I'd even watched the trash people emptying the dumpsters on Friday, so if we ended up with a lot of stuff to junk, we could do it no problem.

Wendy's former boss Nelson works with some great guys at Covenant Community and, as he had with cleaning out her apartment, graciously offered to pay for some of his guys to do the heavy lifting. Thank you so much, Nelson.

Unit N26

0900 on Saturday and I'm picking up David and Andre at Covenant -- literally across the street from The Varsity next to the Georgia Tech campus. It rained a bit in the morning, but it was all done by the time we got up to the unit. The only real problem we ended up facing was that we couldn't get the truck until 11:45.

David and Andre from Covenant. (Click on photo for larger.)

This tool caddy was made by my father for Paul, Wendy's late husband. Daddy had made one for himself and Paul asked for one like it for Christmas, as I recall. As I'll get Daddy's sometime from Greensboro, I let Paul's pass on to someone who needed it. (Click on photo for larger.)

We figured to clear out all the boxes and check what they were, and call it a first load. Save the furniture for a second load. (Click on photo for larger.)

The Waiting Room, with a comfortable chair, as the guys took the first load over to Goodwill. The two boxes on the left turned out to be some photographs. The boxes next to the chair included some of Wendy's china pattern and some boxes of some fabric and notions. In between there's a large mailing tube which contained one of the green street banners used for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Just about the time that I was losing the shadow, it was time to load up again. (Click on photo for larger.)

Wendy's unit was way in the back of the property. There were a number of Southern pines with big soft needles, and there had to be some water on the other side of the trees to the south, because we kept hearing ducks. Interestingly, the units next to Wendy's were apparently rented out as utility equipment bays and were air conditioned. So while her unit wasn't climate controlled, I remember her telling me that there was some residual spillover.

The Second Load of furniture and these wooden shelving units. (Click on photo for larger.)

Wendy's friends Kevin and Megan came to help. (Click on photo for larger.)

Given that all the driving was fairly close, but involved numerous U-turns, we put a whopping eight miles on the odometer of this cute little 10-foot U-Haul truck. (Click on photo for larger.)

Even with the delay in getting the truck, it all went very smooth and the weather cooperated. I had the guys fed and back down at Covenant by 2:30pm.

In fact, I'd budgeted Sunday as a recovery day, but really, we were done quickly enough that I changed my travel reservations and headed back up to Michigan on Sunday and Monday. The next time I'll be in Atlanta, it'll be because I have something to do in Atlanta, or I'm driving through.

Job done.

Dr. Phil
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