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And Then The Rains Fell

Drought Status...

... reached West Michigan last week. Before that we'd been "abnormally dry". During my drive to/from Georgia, I saw a lot of stunted corn in Indiana and Ohio -- farms that weren't irrigating. Here, they're watering, but it's dry. And over the last couple of weeks, the few times there's been rain, it hasn't touched here.

Last night at 11:15pm half of Lake Michigan was awash in green (rain) and white (thousands of lightning strikes). An hour later the storm grazed us -- heavy downpour for a few minutes, then some lighter rain. Not sure how much we got.

This afternoon I was going to head out to Holland for some errands, but the downpour came again, followed by a good soak. Amazing how green things look right now, either things hadn't totally dried out or it's a illusion.

People who mowed have wheat colored dusty lawns. There are a number of dark black expanses along some of the roads where grass fires have broken out. No one is yet calling on how many of those might be associated with the relaxation these year of fireworks sales in Michigan.

I noted gas was down to $3.30.9/gal yesterday.

Dr. Phil
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