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New And Old And Favorites

New Restaurant in Standale

After the rash of closings and the fire I've noted earlier (DW), it's nice to find out about a new local place, down the road in Standale. The Crooked Goose is the second restaurant in the Grand Rapids area with this outfit, their Twisted Rooster is over by Celebration North and is always packed. The Crooked Goose website is just a placeholder, but they have a blog.
Meritage Hospitality Group is one of the nation's premiere restaurant operators, overseeing 86 Wendy's restaurants along with our uniquely pioneered dining concepts- Twisted Rooster & Crooked Goose.
This ain't no Wendy's, I assure you. Fun place. Packed and on a Thursday night yet. Their specialty seems to be big burgers and exotic grilled cheese sandwiches -- available with a cup of Campbell's Tomato Soup -- but that's not what we had.

We started with a cheesy crab and tortilla appetizer. Then I had the Michigan Fried Bologna Sandwich -- Ebels Bologna (Falmouth, MI), Pan Fried with Melted Swiss Cheese, Maple Mustard Slaw, Crisp Fried Onions & Mrs. Dogs Mustard on a Sesame Seed Bun with Sweet Pickle Potato Salad.

This is from their website.

What's a fried bologna sandwich? Well, if you fry a thin slice of bologna in a pan, you'll get these crispy little half domes. But if you cut a thick slice of bologna from a real deli bologna, say ½" to ¾", it makes a really nice cooked meat for BBQ. We used to do this a lot in the summer when I was growing up and I've done it every now and then myself.
The Old Family Fried Bologna BBQ Sauce

with enough cider vinegar so it will brush
squirt of yellow mustard

Yup -- that's it.

Note: Cut the bologna slices in half, so when grilled, the 
expanding meat will have room to spread on the cut edge.  
Baste all around and keep flipping.

It's Taken Us Three Years Or So...

... since we first noticed that there was a mobile BBQ stand / food truck in Allendale during the summer. It parks next to a party store and ice cream joint, just north of M-45 on 68th Avenue. So we finally decided that if it was still here, then they couldn't have killed all their customers, because Allendale just ain't that large.

Saturday the end of June we pulled up around 5pm and found that they were down to three pulled pork sandwiches and cleared out of everything else. Since we had our own pulled pork BBQ either just made or about to be made, we passed. But we did have them reserve a full rack of ribs for the next day -- and my they were good.

Mrs. Dr. Phil at Ed 'n Pat's Smokehouse BBQ food truck, finding out they were pretty much cleared out on 30 June 2012. (Click on photo for larger.)

So when Mrs. Dr. Phil's stepmother Pat came by this weekend, we got three half chickens from the shack -- we got two great meals out of 'em. Very pleased with this local operation. Much prefer their sauce than Bono's, the Southern style BBQ place that went out of business and became the Mexican restaurant that burned down. And they cook their meat beautifully.

The Rest Of The Visit

We also went to one of our favorites -- Pereddies in Holland MI. For once, we passed on both appetizers and desserts. I had my usual lasagna with meatballs. As for dessert, we had blueberry rhubarb crisp at home. For that, I was willing to give up key lime pie. (grin) And of course we did Sunday brunch at Grand Coney in Allendale. Managed to get in after barely waiting a few minutes for a table!

Pat and Mrs. Dr. Phil. (Click on photo for larger.)

As long as I had the Nikon D1 out and Pat was there, I had her snap a picture of us -- I rarely show up in pictures, because I'm on the other side of the lens. (grin) Aren't we a cute couple? (Click on photo for larger.)

Dr. Phil
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