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The Cluelessness of Spam

I Worry About The Quality Of Our Spammers

I mean, they aren't trying very hard. Why would I respond to, let alone read, an email that:

-- has my email as the sender
-- starts off with RE: in the subject line for which there is no 1st message
-- says my AT&T bill is ready... from
-- says FedEx can't diliver my package
-- asks about my airline reservation from USAirways, American or United (since my leg injury, I haven't flown anywhere in two years)
-- any email with NO SUBJECT line
-- any email about drugs or pills
-- says it's about an invoice from some place I've never heard of

Sorry. How stupid do you think I am?

Still, all might not be well in the spam business. I go through the spam folder on my work account about once a month. Usually there are some 40 to 75 pages of entries -- today there was only 17.

Almost makes you feel sorry for them.

Nope. Gotcha. Don't feel anything but pissed off that these idiots waste my time and prey on people. Kill them -- kill them all. No Internet privileges for you. No cookie.

Have a nice day.

Dr. Phil
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