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They Didn't Ask Me

A Week of Glory and Heartache and Pride

And A Week's Worth of Fleeting Memories

Some highlights:
-- they showed a clip of a swim meet earlier in the year and the whole back area was plastered with signage, mostly bright yellow Nikon signs, and Nikon signs on the edges of the starting blocks. Now my love of Nikon products is certainly well known, but it was so cluttered, I don't know how the swimmers could deal with it. One of the reasons I love the Olympics so, is the clean lines and colors of the playing areas. It also explains why I have to little interest even in trying to find competitions in many of these sports outside of the Olympics.
-- saw the end of an amazing men's tennis match, where Federer finally beat 3-6 7-6 19-17 in over 4 hours. I do so like extra innings.
-- got to see some of the rapid fire pistol shooting today. Cuba won the gold medal, the first gold in shooting ever. I think they said they had two bronze. The Indian shooter had to go after the Cuban shooter clinched the gold, and as the Indian had more than the 3rd place finisher. Hard to shoot when you know your score won't change anything.
-- sort of like watching the clean and jerk and seeing two competitors have their legs give out on them, conceding the gold medal. But they tried.
-- or the report of the female Saudi judo competitor who was out of the competition in 82 seconds. But she was here. She did it.

These are their Olympic moments.

A Bittersweet Moment

Today, Friday 3 August 2012, marks the beginning of the Athletics competition, what we tend to call Track & Field in the U.S., as the swimming competition fades away. And as usual, one of the announcers was Craig Masback. Craig went to White Plains High School with my late sister Wendy in the early 70s. She was always so proud of his miler accomplishments and his commentary at the Olympics over the years. Go Craig.

Dr. Phil
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