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Um, a pirate ship just went gliding/rolling by.

No, really!

I'm here working at one of the tables in the lobby of the Troy Marriott, because the free Wi-Fi is only in the lobby, and this pirate ship went by. With a rather scurvy lot of pirates.

And blinking Christmas lights up and down both masts.

And a boombox under the black fabric draped over whatever kind of cart they were using. And it looked like they were carrying dessert.

Several other pirates were carrying planks with them -- four footers.

And That's Not All

I just saw the world's largest propeller head hat. A red hardhat with a three-foot wooden propeller mounted on it. Apparently it's pretty heavy and you have to balance it pretty carefully on your heard.


And a green ballerina with gossamer wings, real tattoos and a beard. And a beer gut. I'm not sure I needed to see that. (grin)

I love cons. I think. (double-grin)

Dr. Phil

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