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A Loop Around Allendale

A Lovely Day

After two days plus of rain, mostly a long light soaking rain, and colder temperatures -- much of Friday was around 59°F and we actually switched the heat pump over to Heat mode for a day -- Saturday was full of sun and clouds and breezes and pleasant temps.

So I had to drive into town and check the P.O. Box, and decided it was a good day to take some pictures and packed up the Nikon D1. I'd been meaning to shoot some of the dry corn fields -- the rain has done a little greening up around the area and the bugs at night seemed very happy -- but really, it is too late for many crops and the rains may have even hurt some.

But... amazingly Mrs. Dr. Phil came home Thursday with actual Michigan peaches. Not sure where the orchard got them, since the fruit trees were so decimated around here, but these were Flaming Furies. Not quite as good as Red Havens, but they smell nice, are plenty juicy and taste lovely.

Not bad bounce illumination from Wendy's old tiny Nikon SB22 Speedlight. (Click on photo for larger.)

On my way down the driveway, I stopped to shoot these thistles. (Click on photo for larger.)

In Allendale I was quite surprised to see a white Lotus Europa -- late 60s/early 70s -- my favorite car, though I'd rather it was in black with gold pinstripe John Player Special. (grin) Turned out there must be some sort of classic car drive or show, since there were about a dozen neat old cars.

The picture's not very good -- not only was I shooting through the windshield, I had to deal with the glare off the glass and the wrong lens. On the other hand, I did get three shots. (Click on photo for larger.)

This is the BBQ operation that I wrote about a while ago (DW) -- operates most weekends in Allendale on 68th Avenue just north of M-45 Lake Michigan Drive. (Click on photo for larger.)

I noticed this corridor running deep into this corn field on M-45 west of Allendale on the north side of the road. I think it's a path for the irrigation system. You can see the corn nearest to the road hasn't had as much water. (Click on photo for larger.)

On 84th Avenue, this field hasn't had a lot of watering. The corn is stunted and tasseled much too short. (Click on photo for larger.)

Same field, showing more dry corn. (Click on photo for larger.)

Same field, one lone corn stalk sticking out above the rest. (Click on photo for larger.)

So that's my photo essay for the day.

Dr. Phil
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