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Okay, one last one and then I'm shutting down the Wi-Fi

John Scalzi is a writer who is doing a number of panels here at ConFusion. This morning had something nice to say about Clarion 2004 classmate Marjorie Liu, aka webpetals, and I stuck a comment on one of her blog entries. Anyway, here I was reading this marvelous short story that he couldn't quite buy for the Subterranean Magazine he's editing -- so he bought it himself and is running it on his websiteblog -- when I realized that John Scalzi was standing behind me.

LiveJournal In Real-Time

So I showed John what I was reading -- from his site -- and showed him my comment to Marjorie and her response. He was "worried" that he owed her money. (grin) Maybe she forgot. (double-grin)

Very surreal.

And now the person sitting in a chair a few feet away talking to someone is Erica, from my earlier entry on librarians. But she wandered off with this other group. I wasn't about to intrude.

Or tell her that I've tattled on her to the ALA crowd. (grin) Actually, I did mention this morning that I was told by Mrs. Dr. Phil to make a full report.

Dr. Phil

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