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The Cicadas of Home

Thursday Night...

... I arrived in Greensboro NC along with the setting sun. In the dark tree lined streets of August, there was a lazy buzz of cicadas filling the air. These weren't the Giant Cicadas of my short story, but I was struck with how their tempo sounded like Greensboro. Strange, hard to describe.

Our land in West Michigan is nearly all pines -- we don't have squirrels and we don't have cicadas. First cicadas I heard this summer were in Illinois -- Champaign-Urbana and Oak Park -- before I heard them in Allendale proper and in Kalamazoo. Somehow they sound faster up there. (grin)

Somewhere I have a great Agfachrome slide from the early 70s shot with a Pentax Spotmatic and a variable close-up lens on a 50mm f1.4 Super-Takumar of an empty cicada shell after molting. The round empty clear eyes are almost creepy. This was in our backyard in Greensboro, the shell still fiercely gripping the bark of a dogwood tree. I think this was also one of the big cicada brood years -- oh the racket all those bugs made!

So it was nice to hear the Greensboro cicadas again. Sounds like summer.

Dr. Phil
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