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Another Saturday Tour

More Photo Wandering

Two weeks ago I shot some thistles by the driveway (DW).

They're all grown up now. (Click on photo for larger.)

On Friday I had errands to do in Holland MI and finished by getting some tomatoes at Potters. But the sign also said they had raspberries. Still? Apparently yes, because as I was selecting the tomatoes a breeze wafted by and I could smell them. They had some dark red autumn raspberries, but also some freshly picked summer ones -- the ones with the fragrant bouquet and near perfect soft, fluffy plumpness.

Despite the losses of many crops and a lot of the tree fruit, we have managed to get some good produce -- even some decent Flaming Fury peaches. And lovely tomatoes.

So on Saturday I saw these big crates of butternut squash in the fields on 84th Avenue. (Click on photo for larger.)

The Old Monarchs Home

We've raised a few monarch butterflies this season, and after a slow start we actually found a few caterpillars and eggs. Yesterday Mrs. Dr. Phil realized there were holes in some leaves of what she thought was a jar that didn't take -- little bugger had gone into hiding until it was nearly half an inch! Today she released another big male at work and there should be another butterfly tomorrow.

The last couple of weeks I've seen some monarchs fluttering through our milkweed stand, but until this Saturday they haven't lingered long enough to shoot. Pretty much all my butterfly photos the last two years have been our releases. As I drove down the driveway I saw one monarch, but it flew away. But when I came back from town, I paused by the milkweed to look for signs of caterpillars. When one monarch lit on a plant, it stayed around long enough to swap lenses on the D1 and then shoot through the weeds.

Could be a male. And is that left wing damaged? (Click on photo for larger.)

Second shot after it drifted down into the shade. The wings look tired and dried up. Shouldn't be a surprise, especially given the heat, but I've just rarely ever seen old butterflies. (Click on photo for larger.)

Heavy weighs the crown of the old monarch as the dog days of August wane. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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