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The UCF Meeting in Chicago

WorldCon Report Pending

One more partial day at WorldCon for us and then back home. We'll write up about WorldCon and the Wendy Wake at WorldCon later. But since the latter featured what was probably the largest physical space meat-up in UCF history -- 9 members in attendance -- I thought I'd drop a line about our second dinner on Saturday 1 September 2012.

I tried. I tried to explain that there isn't just ONE kind of Chicago pizza. That it's something of a religious war. That deep dish and stuffed pizza are not the same thing. And that Gino's/Gino's East was likely to be mobbed on a Saturday night on Labor Day weekend. At not too long a distance from the Hyatt, I of course lobbied for Giordano's, as opposed to Edwardo's. And was -- sigh -- overruled or overlooked. Gino's East at 162 East Superior it was. They don't take reservations for less than sixteen or something like that.

There were eight of us, no nine (later), who headed off from the hotel -- five UCFers and three spouses of UCFers. Most walked, but with my leg I took a cab, along with the Incomparable Anne, who didn't want to walk in her shoes and long dress. Naturally we in the cab got there first, only to find a HUGE line that went around the corner and into the alley. Sigh. Forty-five minutes was the estimated wait time for a table.

Still, it turned out there were some chairs outside so I could actually sit down rather than stand, and also there was a second, shorter line for large groups. And eight qualified. So in around 25 minutes we got sent up to the third floor.

5 UCFers and 3 spice at Gino's East. (Click on photo for larger.)

Including Dr. Phil -- along with the Incomparable Anne. (Click on photo for larger.)

Ooh, look! A late addition. (Click on photo for larger.)

And the pizza was pretty good. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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