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Dr. Phil's WorldCon Day 1 Part II

Thursday 30 August 2012
On the Bronze level walkway connecting the East and West sides.

Mrs. Dr. Phil decided that she wanted to wander and that we'd meet up at the Jim Hines reading. I went up one level and went to cross over to the West side of the Hyatt -- and saw my 2004 Clarion and 2008 WOTF good friend Al Bogdan, who'd been out with his Canon and 70-200mm f2.8. As often happens at cons when we meet this way, we had to duel it out. I had a slight advantage since I could go wide at 24mm (36mm equivalent focal length in DX).

Al Bogdan "and his little friend". (Click on photo for larger.)

I knew that Al had come in on the train the day before and that he was carrying Tiny Thor -- one of three little figures, the other two, Tiny Hulk and Arrogant Tiny Tony Stark, were back in Michigan. So naturally, I asked to pose with Tiny Thor. Of course, since Al had the big lens, he had to stand on the other side of the walkway and I called out the interference from other attendees walking between us. (grin)

Dr. Phil with Tiny Thor. (Click on photo for larger.)

Inset showing Tiny Thor. (Click on photo for larger.)

I told Al about that night's dinner at the Wendy Wake at WorldCon and that Ron of Japan had gluten free soy sauce just for us, and strongly encouraged him to join our party if he was free. It was funny -- as Al was showing me a new app on his phone for finding gluten free restaurants, another passing attendee had to stop and find out about it. The world is increasingly recognizing gluten free as a real and public category.

Dr. Phil
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