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Autumn Falls

The Autumnal Equinox Has Come And Gone

The average temperature this time of year is supposed to be around 72°F. Saturday the high was around 57°F -- and it's been in the 60s and low 70s all week, with the same for next week. And we've had a lot of rain, even hail. Hell, there've been a couple of water spouts on Lake Michigan recently, including one by South Haven today.

So I debated taking a camera with me on my errands late in the afternoon. Dark clouds. But also bright white ones and a good blue sky. I grabbed the Nikon D1 commuter bag and headed out.

Once again I didn't even get out of the driveway -- or out of the Blazer for that matter -- before I had my first shot. Bit of a risk with the D1, because its CCD sensor can overblow highlights, but not totally bad. (Click on photo for larger.)

Grab shot out of the Blazer's front windshield of this rainbow against a bright white cloud in blue sky and sunshine. I saw black clouds and rain in different areas, but never got rained on myself. (Click on photo for larger.)

Lots and lots of great clouds -- little black ones against white ones, etc. -- but mostly not in places where I could frame a good shot. Still it was a nice drive and I mailed some bills and did some errands.

The Elusive West Michigan Wild Turkeys

We've seen a lot of wild turkeys around here lately. Damned things are hard to photograph, despite the fact that we've seen flocks of a dozen or more at a time. Whatever they're eating, the hot weather this summer seems to have suited them.

Last Saturday when I went out on a picture taking expedition, I spotted a flock of turkeys crossing 78th Avenue north of M-45 -- they were silhouetted against the road by being in the shadow of trees on either side of the road. Despite (a) having the Kodak Pro SLR/n with me, (b) with the 70-300mm mounted and (c) sitting on the seat next to me, I couldn't come to a stop, get out and grab the camera before the whole ten or twelve crossed. And it wasn't like they were strutting all that fast.

Hunters talk of being made fools of by wild turkeys -- and I can attest to photographers having the same troubles. (grin)

On Tuesday I took the back way from M-45 to Wilson Avenue and spotted what I thought was a flock of Canadian geese in a field. But as I got closer I realized they were turkeys. Turned around and rolled the window down. I only had the little Sony, but I did record them. (Click on photo for larger.)

But this Saturday on the way back from Allendale, I slowed down because two vehicles ahead of me had stopped. Closer, I saw a couple of turkeys cross the road. Figured I'd missed them, but moving slowly I, too, had to come to a stop for another crossing.

Grab shot of wild turkeys lurking by the side of the road. (Click on photo for larger.)

Why did the turkey cross the road? To challenge drivers and photographers, of course. (Click on photo for larger.)

Still, one of the better wild turkey shots I've gotten, despite all the backlighting.

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