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Oooh -- A Shiny New Sale!

Picking Up The Pace

After hearing very little news since WorldCon in Chicago, in the last few days not only is "The Once and Future Tomato" coming out in Neo-Opsis (DW), the very limited edition (5 copies) hand crafted booklet of The Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest winning authors (DW) is almost ready, and I'm working on getting some panels and a reading at next month's WindyCon, but...

Today I got word that my short-short story "Brooding in the Dark" is being bought by Interstellar Fiction for their November issue. Their tagline is "Just a new magazine wanting to bring you all sorts of tales of science from every corner of the known universe."

This is a cool little story about dedication and purpose. The first draft, though, while it had the hook and the setting, wasn't really going anywhere. Just a mood and a setting, nothing happening. But vignettes don't sell -- sometimes you just have to "tell me a damn story" as Jeffrey Ford told us at Clarion. I shipped out an early version, expanded it, then finally got rid of a whole flashback section. Yes, kids, you CAN tell too much of the story, particularly when the whole piece is just 1500 words. (grin) What's left is a good story that fits its size. And yeah, I like all my stories, pretty much.

You'll be able to read about Battlestation 193 next month -- will keep you apprised.

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