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And Then The Rains Fell

Not Going Out

Mrs. Dr. Phil and Momcat, her mom, are off at the annual quilt retreat. I was going to go to the grocery store and buy $75 worth of goods for a charity drive and bag a 50¢/gallon gas discount slip. But we've had wave after wave of cold, soaking rains. Yuck.

I Know, I Know...

... Pictures or it didn't happen. But on Friday's drive to work, there was a long line of vehicles on the M-6 freeway in the right-hand lane. Bunch of vans and minivans. Also a Michigan State Police car.

What was odd was that this group of a dozen vehicles was going about 60mph in a 70mph zone. Seeing nothing ahead as a problem, I passed the whole line. There was another state police car at the front. And that's when I paid attention to one of the lead vehicles, a bus which had something about FOLLOW ME on its back.

It was a Romney campaign bus. Oh yeah. Wasn't Anne Romney supposed to be in Grand Rapids on Friday?

By the time I put this all together, it was too late to get out the little Sony camera. And I'm sure the state patrols would've loved a passing car slowing down behind the bus and then pointing something at it. I briefly considered getting off at Exit 5 and getting right back on, stopping on the long entrance ramp and shooting the convoy as it went by, but I wasn't sure I'd make it through the traffic light in time.

So no pictures.

Late Night

Left to myself I have a tendency to stay up very late, like 4-5am. I had vowed not to do that, but stumbled across the beginning of the Christopher Walken film The Dead Zone. Never saw it -- or read it. I knew it was a Stephen King story and that there'd been a TV series, but nothing more. Turned out to be nothing like I'd thought. Amused at Martin Sheen's character getting thwarted as a bid for senator, en route to the White House. Very unlike Josiah Bartlett. (grin)

I glanced at the Wikipedia entry for the TV series, which ran for six seasons, to see how it differed. Interesting. Also a great cast, including Nichole de Boer, who was Ezri Dax on ST:DS9.

A Little Night Noise

We have an old Sears slimline window AC unit in the bedroom. Though rendered obsolete by the central air installed the other year, we use the fan at night for background noise. Except in winter. At somewhere between 25°-29°F, even with the outside vent closed, the bearings in the fan motor get too cold and start shrieking. But in the winter we have a small humidifier which makes sleeping comfortable with both noise and moisture.

So it was with some trepidation that I noted the outside temp was around 29.7°F at midnight -- and it's too early for the humidifier. And at 3am, the neighbor's dogs began to bark for an hour. Running no fan and dogs -- would've been a fun night.

But when I finally headed to bed around 4:40am, the temp had risen to 39°F and so I had my background fan and bundled up in extra blankets and had a lovely sleep.

See? There's a reason I had to stay up and watch a movie on AMC. (grin)

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