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Norton Throws A Hissy Fit


This morning I came in and booted WINTER, my Fujitsu office tablet, and got a big warning red box from Norton Anti-Virus saying there was NAV Error 3048,3 and it had to be addressed immediately. Immediately meant it tried to Autofix itself, but that didn't work, so I was supposed to download Norton Power Eraser and have it look for rootkits or other nasties.

Since I don't want to have nasties on my computers -- that's why I put on anti-virus and firealls in the first place, dammit -- I ran the program.

It managed to delete the executables to Office.

Actually, what it didn't like was a whole series of Windows 95/NT legacy programs that still run under XP, so that included my beloved Microsoft Office 95 Professional. Including the handy Office toolbar which isn't a part of Office 2003 and higher. Of course, Word 2003 can't read Word 95 files, so that all my documents -- both Physics and SF -- are temporarily out of bounds. (I can still read them using Cetus CWordpad, a version of Wordpad/Write that still can read Word 95/6.0 documents, rather than pretending that RTF files are the same thing. But formatting would be a disaster.)

And Then Microsoft Comes and Joins Symantec At The Stupid Party

Norton Power Eraser had dutifully created an XP System Restore Point before it did its damage. Naturally, the Restore Point failed. Thank you Microsoft.

Yeah, I know I'm living on borrowed time to some extent. And I am slowly getting some Windows 7 machines up to speed. I hope to run XP (or even NT4) in a virtual machine and make Office 95 "compatible" with Windows 7. But I haven't spent any time working on that yet.

I still don't know if there was actually a problem or if NAV just had a hissy fit over legacy code. Pisses me off that Microsoft has never had good file conversion manners. Office 97 changed the .DOC format, but was supposed to be able to read/write Word 95 documents. Except that it actually wrote .RTF files until people yelled enough. And even then, opening a Word 95 document in Word 97 isn't totally clean. And it's gotten worse through Office 2000 2003 2007 2010...

There are a couple of things I'll try tomorrow short of reinstalling all those legacy programs. Not optimistic, but we'll see. And I'll have to bitch at Symantec for screwing things up and doing something other than the screen messages said it was going to do.


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