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Neo-Opsis Issue 22 Is Shipping

A New Story For You

Stopped by the P.O. Box this afternoon and found my copies of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine Issue 22 with my short story "The Once and Future Tomato". Delighted to see it in print. And in reading it again, damn I write good. (big-grin)

The good news is that my name is on the cover -- the bad news is that my last name is misspelled. (grin) But it's right on the story, so that counts. (double-grin)

Even better, Art Director Stephanie Ann Johanson did a lovely drawing that finishes the story on a perfect note. "The Once and Future Tomato" is a favorite of mine, in part because of the ending, but also because it includes the recipe for Dr. Phil's Tomato Sandwich (DW). (grin)

You can order issues or subscriptions at the Neo-opsis store. It is also available in some stores in Canada. Single issue pricing is C$7.95 in Canada, C$8.95 to the U.S. and C$11.50 overseas, shipping included. Note that right now the Canadian dollar is worth slightly more than the U.S. dollar -- C$1 = US$1.0151.

Neo-opsis has been publishing since 2003 -- they're a fun magazine and you should take a look. And see what the future holds for tomatoes...

Dr. Phil
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