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The October Fall

Whiplash Weather Changes

Wednesday and Thursday was our Indian Summer, I guess -- the highs hit 78°F -- and we had lows in the upper 60s. Immediately followed by lows around 33°F and highs in the 40s and 50s. Heck, Thursday, even as the temps were dropping, the house had gotten so hot I had to switch on the AC for a few hours to make the house comfortable for sleeping -- we had to close the windows due to the heavy rains.

Meanwhile, the East Coast is bracing for the Frankenstorm -- Hurricane Sandy + another storm front coming in from the west = Big Bad Snow Storm. We may even get snow from Sandy for Halloween. But I've written before about Halloween snows in Medina NY (DW) as a kid, so it's not a crazy thing.

Declining Gas Prices

Gas prices had been up close to four bucks recently, but they've been steadily dropping every day. Regular was $3.33.9/gal when I bought gas on Thursday -- down to $3.31.9/gal yesterday. I saw a similar run down in price leading up to the 2008 election. My theory is that the oil companies are trying to keep gas prices out of the election rhetoric. Yeah, prices were a lot less in 2008 -- gas had fallen from over four bucks in the summer of 2008 to $2.14.9/gal on Election Day.

It even continued dropping after the election, hitting $1.98.9/gal on the following Saturday.

Sure gas is higher in 2012, but remember the economy was imploding in 2008 -- things are a lot stronger now. I predict gas will be under two three bucks by November 6th.

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