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A NASFiC in Detroit?

With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot, if Detroit wins its bid for a NASFiC, it won't be a black day in July 2014. What's a NASFiC you ask? In years when WorldCon is away from North American, there is a North American Science Fiction Convention. My second publication, "The Pulse of the Sea", was written for Northwest Passages -- an anthology for the 2005 NASFiC in Seattle, the year WorldCon was in Scotland.

So in 2014, WorldCon will be in London. And Detroit is stepping up to the plate with a NASFiC bid: Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center • Proposed dates: 17-20 July 2014.

They now have their web page up, with details about the Ren Center (and $1/day Internet at the Marriott!). You should check out the FAQ page, especially if your thought are Detroit? Huh?

If you like the concept, you can join in support, or check out their tables or parties at upcoming cons. I hope to get a keychain while at WindyCon this weekend (DW).

Dr. Phil
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