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Back From WindyCon

So Was It Windy At WindyCon?

Actually, yes. I finished up my last panel at 2pm CST on Sunday, and when I eventually made it out to Level 2 of the parking structure, the wind was blowing something fierce. But other that having the 1996 Blazer pushed around on the road a bit like a flying billboard, the drive home was unexceptional. There was a Bears game Sunday night, so just in case the hardcore tailgaters were slowing things down, I skipped leaving via Lake Shore Drive and took the Damn Ryan instead. Big heavy traffic -- going the other way, as usual.

The expected rain didn't even start until I was nearly to M-45 Lake Michigan Drive, and even then it was just spitting. 24 hours later the temps had dropped by more than thirty degrees and the spitting was flakeage. (grin)


Of course Saturday night was my Zombie Steakpunk Dinner (DW) -- and I ate all alone. But Sunday I met up with my friend Jeff Karp, in the hour between my two Sunday panels.

As we did three years ago, had a pleasant lunch at Holy Mackerel, the more casual side of the Harry Caray restaurant -- which is also open for breakfast and lunch. I had a terrific turkey club sandwich and we caught up on things. Or at least swapped stories until I had to run to my last panel. Thanks for lunch, Jeff!

A nice picture of Jeff, looking much more relaxed than in 2009 (DW). (Click on photo for larger.)

Handed the D1H over to Jeff who took this shot of me. The wide angle lens didn't do me any favors of making me look any better, but it's who I am. (grin) It's a nice shot, too -- amazingly I don't look too tired after a long and busy weekend. (Click on photo for larger.)

A Very Good Weekend

I've got some decent pictures I should post, as well as talking about my panels, which were well attended. Of course I haven't finished posting my WorldCon stuff either, so don't hold your breath. (grin)

With WorldCon in Chicago just two months before, a number of my usual suspects weren't at WindyCon. But I was very glad to get away and help out.

Saturday evening, between my Reading For None and the Zombie Steakpunk Dinner for One, I sat in the main open space and watched people slowly show up in costumes. This one gaggle of furries, with big bushy tails and heads with eyes that lit up, camped up at the end of the corridor. I balanced the D1H on my messenger bag on a table and shot a couple of shots at low shutter speeds -- like half a second -- and then the lights came up and I was able to get a better shot. (Click on photo for larger.)

See ya next year!

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