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The Spy Who Fell From The Sky


Bond. James Bond.

Fifty years, twenty-three movies, and many Bonds. Also the Ian Flemming books. Yup, we're fans. So of course we had to go see the latest. The movie theatre was jammed, though they were only doing 2 screens of Skyfall, one each of Wreck-It Ralph regular and 3D, and FOUR of Twilight 5 Failing Sparkletime The Indulgence Part II or whatever it's called. The latter jammed the parking lot even in the middle of the day and long lines waiting behind rope lines. Fortunately they already had their tickets and popcorn and we had an easy time into theatre .007.

Skyfall [PG-13]
Holland 7 Theatre 7, 3:30pm, Sat. 17 Nov. 2012

Of course there's the formula. Impressive opening, check. Dramatic opening credits -- with soon-to-be iconic pop song, check. Three Bond girls, one of whom dies. A fight with M. Diffident sarcasm with Q. Beaten up. Captured by the villain. Global romp. All there. See, the formula works because they dress it up good. Spend the money wisely and you can make the same film over twenty times.

A blond Javier Bardem channeling Tim Curry plays the over-the-top wronged MI6 agent turned Evil. Clearly MI6 hadn't seen The Avengers or they would've rethought his jail cell.

Judi Dench finishes her seventh Bond films. She started the series being the annoying bureaucrat, ends in the field. What a fine run. And with Daniel Craig and others, the franchise is in fine hands.

The locales are all stunning. Shanghai at night is impressive as hell. And lots of outstanding action scenes. The construction equipment on the train was just plain fun.

I've had this theory for years that James Bond .007 isn't a man but a job title. This would explain the 50 years and multiple Bonds. I really thought that the Craig-era was on board with that, but alas, the last act torpedoes my lovely pet theory. Sigh.

Some complain that Craig is wrong for Bond. Yet the iconic Bond, Sean Connery, is technically completely wrong from the books. So we're fans of Craig's darkness and killer ability to milk something as simple as straightening his cuffs. I particularly like his workmanlike dispatch of spycraft tasks.

Highly Recommended if you're a Bond fan.

Trailers: Jack Reacher looks good, even if it is Tom Cruise. Iron Man 3 -- after Robert Downey, Jr.'s triumph in The Avengers, it's time for the inevitable Tony Stark crash, followed by a new challenge. Opens in May? A Good Day To Die Hard has Bruce Willis' John McClane flying into Moscow. What. Could. Possibly. Go. Wrong. (grin) Django Unchained is the long awaited Quentin Tarantino Western.

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