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More WindyCon Fri-Nite Sat-Morn

I Have Arrived

Yeah, I know it's been a couple of weeks since WindyCon, but I did take a lot of pictures and I was on a lot of panels, so I am going to cover this. (And get back to covering the WorldCon, too.)

I had hoped to get out of the office straight after my 1pm class. But... I had some paperwork that needed to be done, getting quizzes together for my graders. So by the time I left, I knew that I'd not arrive in Lombard in time for the Opening Ceremonies at 7pm CST, durn it, but by the time I arrived, checked in, got a bellman to haul my gear to my room and go through Registration and get my badge -- there was still time to see part of:

Fri 8pm SpaceTime Theater
The SpaceTime Theater comedy/improv troupe returns to the Windycon stage with Rook and Archer: Private Investigators, a show that combines a scripted murder mystery with an occult twist, and their usual hilarious brand of SF/Fantasy improvisation. It's fun for the whole family and you never know what will happen next.
B. Roper, G. Roper, S. Paris, B. Jones, J. Corrigan, S. Salaba, D. Kuczwara
Junior Ballroom BC

I believe this skit, which involved calling "opposites" from time to time, involved a princess in Mordor -- the creature at the right is the closest thing to a horse they could find for her. A "h'orc", of course. (Smells ba-aaaad.) (Click on photo for larger.)

And yes, I really am working on a humorous short story entitled "A Princess of Mordor" -- how could I not after watching this?

Afterward, I wandered over to the ConSuite. I ate on the road to Chicago, but there's always time to have the traditional white bread, peanut butter and jelly ConSuite Sandwich™. The jelly was in little prepackaged tubs and there weren't any utensils around, but they were flexible enough and the commercially processed jelly jelled enough to push it out from the bottom. Nearby was a cooler with jugs of milk. Yup -- totally terrible and just hit the spot. (grin)

Almost never does anyone ever think to bring a long handled, heavy duty and non-breakable/non-flexible serving device for peanut butter -- or jelly if it's in a jar. Somehow I managed to make my sandwich without gooking up my hands with peanut butter. (Click on photo for larger.)

Up "Early"

Though my first panel on Saturday was for 11am, I got up early to make sure I could get to:

Sat 10am Firefly Wedding
No power in the Verse ...
Can stop these two souls ...
Not the Alliance, Not Reavers, and Definitely NOT Zombies ...
From uniting their crews and hearts this day
Come and watch Alex and Tracy get married in Firefly style.
Junior Ballroom BC

Not that I know this particular couple, but come on -- it's a Firefly wedding (for reals) at WindyCon. These are my people, so to speak, so I felt an obligation to witness their union. First time I attended a wedding at a con, though I know there have been some others at cons I've been at.

The ceremony was a mix of genres, Firefly with some Star Wars and Star Trek thrown in. But the wedding party was all dressed in Firefly. (Click on photo for larger.)

The vows took a while. Things like "Will you annoy your spouse?" "Probably." "Is that your intent?" "Nope." Which actually, was rather sweet. Too many wedding vows are sickly sweet aphorisms and don't deal with the real issues of two people getting onto each other cases and surviving for better or poorer, in sickness or health, etc. (Click on photo for larger.)

I had another camera person stand up and so missed the actual clench. But this is rather nice anyway. (Click on photo for larger.)

The armed guards at the back of the ballroom to keep the groom from running were a nice touch. (grin) (Click on photo for larger.)

Next... on to the serious programming.

Dr. Phil
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