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Hurray For Chicago Stuffed Pizza

You Only Live Twice

Long time readers and old Dr. Phil friends know of my love for Chicago stuffed pizza -- accept no substitutes.

The joy of finding out about Joe Chicago's Pizza in Grand Rapids. The annoyance of learning how long they'd been open And I Didn't Know! The heartbreak of seeing them going out of business.


Then There Was A Break And The Light Descended From Heaven

Sundays the Grand Rapids Press has been delivered with a copy of the Ottawa County Advance, a local news and advertising rag. Except recently they've been doing a good job of covering actual news in Allendale and environs. No doubt this is a result of of The Press cutting back to home delivery only three days a week and really sucking at doing local rural news.

Anyway, the latest Advance on Sunday had a article about a new pizza place on 28th Street in Grandville -- and it serves Chicago stuffed pizza.


Mrs. Dr. Phil did a quick check for websites and other info. Seems they started some weeks ago. And it sounds like they got the equipment and the recipe from Joe Chicago's.


Now we had a plan to get us some real pizza for the weekend.


Chicago 7 Pizzeria is at 3012 - 28th St. SW, Grandville, MI 49418 -- (616) 538-7777. Just east of Ivanrest, between the car dealer and Belle Tire. It takes 40-45 minutes to bake a real pizza, so I used the handsfree -- Speed Dial #44 (since Joe Chicago's was just off 44th Street and that Speed Dial slot was now free) -- and called from US-131 Exit 55 M-222 Martin. About where I called for Joe Chicago's. Looped around M-6 to I-196 to stay off the streets and cut down on the traffic lights, then east on 28th Street.

Pizza just boxed up when I got in.

The place isn't huge, but there was a nice couple of tables filled with families. I told them that I'd seen the article in the Advance -- the woman at the counter seemed to like that. When I asked if they had bought the equipment from Joe Chicago's, I was told they WERE Joe Chicago's, just moved. This bodes well. From the banter with the customers, it's clear some of the regulars made the move, too. This bodes even better.

Oh, and the pizza? Chicago stuffed deep dish, large 12", sausage, mushrooms, black olives and roasted red peppers. And that sauce. $22.99 -- $24.37 with tax.

Mmmmmmm. Yummmmm.

It's good to be back. Sorry, Jim, we might've had pizza for reals. And Cole? Next year in Grandville!

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