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9 Hours 50 Minutes

I Was Going To Write A Different Post

But just before I started, the power came back on.

Winter Storm Draco deposited almost no snow here in Allendale, but we had gusty high winds up to 50 mph all night and most of the day. So not a total surprise when the lights went out at 11:15 this morning. ... wait six seconds and the Kohler 12kW automatic backup generator came on.

The laptop had a battery, so it didn't go out, of course. For once I decided to see what Consumers Energy did online for outages. The header said that 25,000, no make that 27,000 customers were affected. They had a nice map, which had an angled shape north and west of Allendale, colored in orange-tan -- the legend said 201-1,000 affected. We were in it. As the hours ran on, I recalled that they pull the repair crews from wire work above like 45-50mph winds for safety.
“High winds throughout the day have challenged our crews, with additional power outages occurring while we worked to restore earlier interruptions. These men and women are focused on working safely in adverse conditions while restoring service to customers as quickly as possible and I thank them for their efforts,” said Garrick Rochow, the utility’s vice president of energy delivery. “We are cautiously optimistic that as the weather improves late tonight and into Saturday, we’ll get the upper hand on the damage caused by this strong storm. We thank our customers for their patience.”

67,000 were still dark when our power came on and the generator started its seven minute cooldown cycle. Some 144,000 total customers since 4am.

Sorry, Charter

Charter Communications, our cable company, keeps suggesting that it's dumb to depend on the phone company's DSL for Internet. By 8:45pm, though, our cable kept getting interrupted. If we used a cable modem, we wouldn't be watching reruns of Sherlock on Netflix streaming.

We have a much more reliable local Allendale telephone company than any cable company I've ever dealt with. Pthhhhhbt!

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