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No White Christmas

Here In Allendale MI

Detroit got a white Christmas, something that I guess has been rare the last few years, but the snowstorm that rolled through on Monday missed us completely. It was cold enough, with temps in the 20s, but no flakeage.

Winter Storm Euclid, which hits Michigan on Wednesday, will just graze West Michigan -- out here on the edge of the track we're expecting only about an inch. East and south of us will have much more snow on Wednesday and Thursday. Cousins in Arkansas report that Euclid produced a blizzard warning there -- they've never remembered having a blizzard warning in the thirty-odd years they've been there. And Little Rock hasn't seen a white Christmas since like 1926.

While it's been good not to have to go skating around the roads here, we're going to pay for all this lack of snow come springtime, when there is no moisture reserve, though last week's heavy rains may have helped a little. To say nothing of it being pretty and white on Christmas if it'd snowed.

Of course to put some perspective on it, a friend in Perth, Australia, says that they were the hottest place on the planet yesterday, running up to 40°C (104°F), and expecting 41°C highs on Thursday. Beach weather and living in "the aircon" is what they're reporting. Needless to say they don't get the whole bundled up for Christmas imagery. (grin)

Gas prices, which had gotten down to the $3.07.9/gal range in what I joked was a pre-Mayan Apocalypse Sale, went back up to $3.26.9 once everyone realized we were still here, and dropped down to $3.18.9 on Monday in a showing of Christmas generosity. Or not. Gas prices are capricious and even harder to guess than the weather.

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