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Returned Mail From West Olive MI?

It's My Fault

This Christmas several people have emailed us -- including FB messages, etc. -- to say that things sent to our street address have been returned. We haven't moved. Rather getting a new and larger Post Office in Allendale meant that they could unify the like seven different jurisdictions for the township under one address. The big conversion date was Saturday 19 June 2010. (DW)

The bottom line is that it was our Post Office that has changed and after two years, they're no longer acting like they know how to forward. (grin)

We should have updated in Christmas letters in 2010, but with complications, including the deaths of my father in September 2010 and my sister in November 2011, we just haven't done any letters. (sigh)

The street address hasn't changed, but the town and ZIP:
West Olive MI 49460

Is now:
Allendale MI 49401

If you have my P.O. Box address, it was always Allendale and didn't change.

Sorry for the confusion. We're still here! We will write someday! Hell-oooo! Is anybody out there?

Dr. Phil
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