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The Blue Line Club

As 2012 winds down and folks become reflective, I'll point out that for the last couple of years I've been limping around and (hopefully) growing a new leg nerve. A process expected to take two to three years as such nerves grow at the rate of fingernails.

As mentioned before, stairs are the worst, but I've taken to use a cane for assistance, and as that removes a hand from usefulness, I tow my crap from car to office with a little collapsible plastic OfficeMax cart. This semester the faculty parking lot has been overcrowded and I've frequently had to either park at the far end or sit 20-30 minutes before a spot opened up.

A colleague broke his ankle in the Fall and has been scooting along with one of those knee scooters -- hell, he could move way faster than I could -- and he'd gotten a temporary handicapped hang tag. With winter coming and no idea how mild or bad it'd be, the prospect of dragging the cart in AND making an early class was not pleasant.

So I got a handicapped hang tag.

I Love My Doctor

I figured that I'd qualify for a 3 or 6 month temporary, but when I got my application form back from the doctor, he'd put me down for a permanent handicap, and bless his heart he listed morbid obesity not nerve damage as the cause.

So I'm good into 2017 on this tag.

I'd really like to not have to use it in a year or so, but I'll take it.

Notes On Those Blue Lined Spaces

By gosh, they work.

But there are things I've never thought of. Like what do travelers do? You'd have to choose between parking at a train station or an airport, and having the hang tag with you if you're renting a car at the destination.

But at the moment I don't have worry about this.

Less than an hour to go until 2013... and in this small way, next year will be better than this year. (grin)

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