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Welcome to 2013 and Immortal ConFusion

It's January and You Know What That Means

So the New Year has rolled over and the new semester begins on Monday. But in just a couple of weeks, it'll be time for ConFusion -- Friday 18 January to Sunday 20 January 2013.

After being held at the Troy Marriott from 2004-2012, ConFusion gets a new home at the Doubletree Hotel Detroit/Dearborn‎, 5801 Southfield Road, Detroit, MI 48228.

Today I got an email with the:
Preliminary Schedule for Dr. Phil Kaldon

Friday     7:00:00 PM  Planning The Perfect Murder
Saturday  11:00:00 AM  Doing It Wrong… On Purpose
Saturday   2:00:00 PM  Let’s Remake Star Wars
Saturday   3:00:00 PM  Reading: Dr. Phil Kaldon & Mary Turzillo
Saturday   4:00:00 PM  Lady Voldemort
Saturday   8:00:00 PM  Pop Culture In SF/F

Don't have the room locations yet, and of course this is a new hotel for me, but barring any weather disasters, I will be there and if you're in the area, you should come, too. ConFusion is a great SF/F con and I've been delighted to attend and participate for about a decade.

As for the reading, given that the theme this year is Immortal ConFusion, I think I will be reading from a story that I've been working on for some time, "On The Report Of The Navy Auditors".

Dr. Phil
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