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First Lines of 2012

An Amusing Meme II

This meme was amusing enough last year (DW), that I thought I'd repeat it this year. The rules:
It’s a look at the last year, through the first line of my first blog post of each month. The thing about LJ memes is that you don't always know where it'll take you, so I'm willing to try. I quickly modified this, since my blogging format includes boldface headers to sections, so I give you the header and first line after that, though not the blog entry title. I also didn't include any links. This is all cut-and-paste, typos and all. If you want to see the context or whole posts, or just the whole year, you can go to my 2012 LiveJournal page or 2012 Dreamwidth page.

Dr. Phil's First Lines of 2012

01 -- Welcome to 2012! -- At long last the somewhat crappy miserable year that was 2011 is done.
02 -- A Much Better Day -- At the start of 2012 we went to the AMC (former Star) Holland 8 theatre to see War Horse, the weather was not pleasant (DW).
03 -- Still In The Hunt -- One of my short stories has been shortlisted as one of the nine finalists to The Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest.
04 -- As Promised... -- My 17,000 word novelette "End Run" is available for reading on GigaNotoSaurus.
05 -- May The First -- It's Grading Day -- I had to get my grades in by noon.
06 -- The Long Haul Burn To Space -- Earlier this evening I sent in my 500th submission to any market.
07 -- Happy (Day After) Canada Day -- I did post good wishes on Facebook yesterday, but I was pretty busy yesterday and didn't do a blog post.
08 -- I Worry About The Quality Of Our Spammers -- I mean, they aren't trying very hard.
09 -- WorldCon Report Pending -- One more partial day at WorldCon for us and then back home.
10 -- Sunday Paper -- Article in the Grand Rapids Press about a new restaurant in Holland -- right on 8th Street in downtown -- called Crust54.
11 -- WindyCon 39: Zombies -- November 9-11, 2012 -- Lombard Westin -- This coming weekend, WindyCon 39 opens at the Lombard IL Westin.
12 -- The Kool Kids Are Starting Early This Year -- List their eligible publications for the Nebula Awards, that is.***
*** - Last year's eligible story posting was on January 2nd.


Writing - 4
Holidays - 3
Cons - 2
Teaching - 1
Rants - 1
Movies - 1

Of course I feel like explaining more of what's going on -- but that's not the point. You want more, then go look 'em up in the archives. (grin)

Dr. Phil
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