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Another view, another false color -- this time viewing south from between Everett-Rood. (Click on photo for larger.)
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There was one little hitch when I assembled the D100 -- which I am calling a "D100R", to let me know that it has been IR converted -- it wouldn't take a picture. Press the shutter release, mirror goes up and... the notation Err comes up on the top LCD panel. Okay... I checked the manual and it gave a procedure to reset the camera. It mentioned that this error can come up in situations with static charges, which admittedly would be an issue with a Charged Coupled Device.

Why should there be static? Well, this is the first digital Nikon I've gotten from eBay that didn't come with its original box. The camera was wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned with styrofoam peanuts. But it was also wrapped in clingy plastic bags, which I think could be the technical source. So I'm thinking I won't get this error again. But for a moment there... (grin)

Dr. Phil
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