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First Test Images

I took a couple of minutes before going home to look at the first two pictures I took with the D100R. Actually, they're kind of interesting -- I rendered them in black & white, but there's no question this is infrared photography. (grin)

Annotated "first light" image. I popped on the built-in pop-up electronic flash to see if it contributed anything in the IR band and to even out the light, since there was strong sunlight coming in from the window at the left.
(1) This is a black neoprene camera case for the Nikon F4s.
(2) This is my black Chicon 7 WorldCon cap.
(3) This is a burgundy sweater.
(4) This is a brown sweatshirt.

©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Similar shot, but this time only with the natural light from the window. Note how overexposed the white Priority Mail box is.
©2013 Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (All Rights Reserved)

Things are clearly not what they seem when you change the wavelength! And yes, I know that the D1 series CCDs are also sensitive to UV light -- and someday I'll get a D1X converted to UV, but that's a bigger project, because most lenses are not suitable for UV use.

Dr. Phil
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